Can you do 40 push ups? Then you run less risk of heart disease.


The push-up, also known as the powerhouse of sports exercises. Maybe this exercise is in your favorites list? But maybe not at all. One thing is certain: after reading this article, you will look at this exercise differently.

Push up and build muscle

The push up is good for the chest muscles: after all, you use your entire body for this exercise. That's no secret, but what you probably don't know yet is that this popular exercise also tells you something about your main muscle, the heart muscle. Research shows that the amount of push-ups you can perform is related to heart problems… Now it gets more interesting!

Researchers of the Harvard University have discovered the following: middle-aged men who can do more than 40 push-ups in a row (provided the execution is correct) are much less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. This was discovered during a study in which 1,500 firefighters were closely monitored for 10 years. The firefighters were asked to perform eighty push-ups in one go, at a desired pace.

"96 percent less risk of cardiovascular disease"

Healthy lifestyle with push ups

The doctors who subjected themselves to this study came to the following conclusion. Those who managed to do at least forty push-ups had a 96 percent lower risk of cardiovascular problems than those who could perform fewer than ten ... that's just a moment of realization.

The explanation does not seem to be that complicated People who can push up more often already eat healthier, exercise more and usually have a healthier BMI, all factors that keep your heart healthier, ""  said Professor Stefanos Kales of Harvard Medical School.

Researchers usually look at your fitness: the longer you can run, the healthier your heart. Surprisingly, the ability to do push ups was found to be more closely associated with heart and lung health than the outcome of a submaximal treadmill test. This is great news for those who aren't exactly the biggest fan of the cardio machines in the gym!

How many push ups can you do?

For us it is a better reason to master this exercise! Also read our blog about the benefits of doing push-ups. Here you can read which mirror groups you train when doing push-ups. In addition, it also seems to be an ideal exercise to burn calories.

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